Bridge Enclosure

Instructional Manual 


Instructional Manual & Accessory Pack (Shown Above)

 Focusing On the Fabrication of a Full Bridge Enclosure

Subjects in Manual 

1) Measuring for materials Required.
2) Recommended materials to use.
3) Preparing a blank for  Bimini top.
4) Fitting the Bimini top blank to 3 or 4 - bow frame.
5) Cutting, Stitching & Fabricating  Bimini top.
6) Installation of Bimini top.
7) Preparing and Fabricating patterns for :

  Side Curtain's
  Aft Curtain's

8) Preparing a  pattern For  Boot.
9) Fabricating  Boot.

We are confident that by following the instructions in our manual the reader

will be able to fabricate a Full Bridge Enclosure.



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